Case feedback

Do you envy the progress of 20 days of explosive desire to speak and 45 days of increased vocabulary?

Basic information

Name: Roy

Gender: Male

Age:2 years and 3 months

Condition: Roy can only call his parents, but he can hardly speak anything else. He is over a year behind in language and cannot distinguish between simple animals, fruits, etc. He also lags behind in sensory movement and has a bad temper.

Before intervention

Roy is a 2-year-old child who has not yet reached the age of school. He should have often played with the children, but he is not sociable. He also loses his temper and cries loudly due to small things, so the children deliberately distance him, leading to Roy preferring to stay at home and play alone, with little social interaction. At home, he hardly speaks and only calls out to his parents when there is a need, not even his grandparents.

Roy's father looked in his eyes and was anxious in his heart, seeking help from Gomega.

After intervention

On the 20th day of developmental management, Roy's father noticed his changes, but he was unsure if it was a good phenomenon, so he immediately contacted his mentor Ethan. Dad said that Roy will say a lot of things that adults don't understand recently, just like the "Martian language" mentioned online. Parents cannot speak because they can't understand. Instructor Ethan said that this is a very good phenomenon, indicating that Roy's desire to speak has increased, from not speaking much before to having a sense of active expression now, which is a sign of improvement.

On the 45th day, Roy's father sent good news again. His vocabulary has increased a lot, and common relatives can scream, and if he wants to urinate, he can actively express "pee". His father said that in just over a month, Roy seems to have changed a child, his emotions have stabilized a lot, and the frequency of tantrums has decreased.


The case of Roy is worth our in-depth consideration and analysis. Why can he have a change in 20 days and a vocabulary explosion in 45 days? In fact, this is mainly related to the characteristics of early brain development in children. The development of the brain starts from the embryonic stage. Before the age of 3, the speed of brain development in children is very fast. From 3 to 6 years old, the speed of brain development in children is relatively slow, and over 6 years old, it is even slower. Therefore, we often say that before the age of 3 is the golden period for brain development in children. If a child's brain development is lagging behind, we can intervene and regulate them before the age of 3, because the construction and repair speed of the brain during this period is very fast, so the improvement speed is often relatively fast, and the effect is also quite obvious. If we miss this period of intervention, it will not be as obvious and rapid as in the early stage. So, we often say to parents that they should pay attention to problems and intervene as soon as possible in order to improve as soon as possible.

——————International Certified Assessment of Child Brain Development Abel

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