Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment module:

What aspects does the Brain Booster Assessment include?

Through the BDQE-3.0 Brain Development and Development Quotient Assessment System authorized by the CDBI to Gomega, different dimensions of children's brain development are evaluated, including language, motor skills, fine motor skills, social abilities, adaptability, and other aspects. The aim is to comprehensively understand the overall development level and existing problems of infants and young children.

Will the Assessment results cause harm to children?

No.The evaluation process will not affect children at all. By conducting research on parents and evaluating their reactions in daily life and games, corresponding data is obtained to draw a unique brain development map for children.

Guidance module:

What is the coaching method for Brain Booster?

Internationally certified assessors provide professional report analysis and guidance based on the evaluation results of children and their understanding of parenting styles, pointing out incorrect parenting styles, and providing targeted guidance and strategies to optimize children's brain growth, including parenting style optimization, game training, parent-child interaction, and other methods.

Intervention module:

How to ensure an appropriate amount of training?

Gomega's interventionists are internationally certified and professionally trained. They will set appropriate training time and intensity based on each child's development and personality characteristics to avoid unnecessary overtraining. At the same time, interventionists will provide full cycle tracking services for children, and adjust and update plans in a timely manner based on the evaluation situation.

What if children are not interested in training games?

Provide interesting intervention training and motivational methods for infants and young children of different ages and developmental levels, helping children actively participate in training, integrating life scenarios into training games, and facilitating parents' home intervention.

How do parents cooperate with their children in training?

Parents can actively participate in and lead their babies to complete the required training plan based on the training plan and video guidance for each stage. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or children are unable to cooperate during the training process, you can directly contact your exclusive guidance teacher.

Tracking module:

Will the tracking module Brain Booster continuously track children's training results?

Yes, we will promptly record, summarize, and analyze various data of children during the training process, and monitor and evaluate the training effectiveness within a certain period of time based on the actual situation of children, to understand their growth situation and areas that need improvement and adjustment.