Case feedback

Children over 2 years old do not speak and are not sociable because their parents are too "diligent"

Basic information

Name: Carl


Age:2 years and 3 months

Condition: Carl usually only knows how to reduplicate two words and cannot express them. He can only use his hand to "hmm ah" when needed, and his language ability remains at the level of one year old. His language lag is relatively prominent.

Before intervention

Carl is 2 years old and 3 months old, but he only knows how to pronounce Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Cat, Goodbye, Sister and other overlapping words, which is about 10 words. His pronunciation is not clear, and only his family can hear him clearly. Excessive parental agency has resulted in him not being able to communicate verbally and preferring to express his needs through actions.

Watching other children of the same age from other families simply communicate with their parents, and then looking at Carl, his parents became sad. As soon as I was about to enter the kindergarten, I couldn't even communicate effectively. Carl's mother said, "I'm really collapsing.

Later, Carl's mother met Gomega's mentor Lyanna, and she patiently and meticulously replied every time. She was moved by her serious and responsible professional spirit and decided to adopt Gomega's customized plan—Brain Booster.

After intervention

The result did not disappoint Carl's mother and Lyanna. In just 3 months, Carl was able to distinguish eight colors, recognize numbers from 1 to 10, and also recognize basic shapes. Mom happily sent feedback.

Less than a month later, Carl's mother contacted Lyanna again and said that Carl had made progress again. Now he can simply say a few words and his cognitive comprehension ability has improved. In the video sent by Carl's mother, he can choose to distinguish the corresponding graphics and text according to the instructions given by his mother, and he also adds his own imagination to tell his mother some content that is not in the book. Every day, he actively requests to read books and ask his mother to tell stories, becoming more lively and lovely like a normal child.

Carl's progress cannot be separated from Lyanna's care and guidance, and thanks to Carl's mother's original choice, as long as the child grows up healthy, parents can rest assured.


Carl himself is a very clever and lovely boy, but the lack of nutrition causes the slow development of the central nervous system of the brain. In addition, his family's care and maintenance is too meticulous. Often, the parents have already helped the child to complete it before the child has expressed his needs in words, which also leads to Carl's early inability to express in words and temper.

——————International Certified Assessment of Child Brain Development Lyanna

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