Child Developing Brain Institute,CDBI

One of the cooperating institutions is the Child Developing Brain Institute,CDBI

This is a non-profit research institution dedicated to studying the development of children's brains and enjoys a high reputation in the academic field. CDBI is a multidisciplinary team composed of a group of neuroscientists, educators, child psychologists, nutritionists, and others with outstanding scientific achievements and rich experience, making important contributions to solving the problems in children's brain development.

This is a very exciting collaborative project, and CDBI is renowned for its research results and data resources in the field of child brain development. The collaboration between Gomega and CDBI has enabled us to more systematically understand and solve developmental problems in specific areas of children's brains, and to develop a product solution based on research results and big data analysis - Brain Booster, which effectively meets the needs of parents and children in the field of brain development.

Our cooperation with the Children's Brain Development Research Institute is mainly reflected in the following aspects

        These collaborations can enhance the scientificity, professionalism, and effectiveness of Gomega Brain Booster products. In view of this, we strive to practice the research results of CDBI in various services, rely on professional training programs and strict assessment standards, input top-notch talents, and improve service quality. Meet the needs of different children and parents, ensure that they receive more professional and effective solutions, and enjoy higher levels of service guidance.
        In addition, Gomega and the research institute will continue to collaborate for a long time to accelerate the development and service upgrade process of Brain Booster products, making them more in line with scientific, professional, and effective international standards, and providing users with more effective value. This is a very positive and meaningful cooperation plan!
        We have established a partnership with CDBI, demonstrating our professional capabilities and market strength in the field of child brain development, and have received support from CDBI experts and professors.
        We firmly believe that cooperation with the American Academy of Child Brain Development not only effectively improves the quality and level of Brain Booster products, but also provides us with more opportunities for innovation and progress.