Case feedback

Mom:My child has been promoted, and I want to help others

Basic information

Name: Ethan

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years old

Condition: Ethan only unconsciously calls his parents and hardly speaks anything else, resulting in a severely backward language proficiency. Usually, when his parents teach him, he doesn't learn, and when his parents call him, he doesn't pay attention. He is diagnosed with underdeveloped brain development.

Before intervention

I always dream of making the child speak up, even if I give everything, "was a heartbreaking statement from Ethan's mother to her mentor Maylene. Ethan is already 4 years old, but he still doesn't speak, which makes his mother very anxious. The hospital diagnosed him with delayed brain development and had injected him with brain nutrition injections. However, Ethan is very resistant to injections and cries every time he comes to the hospital. His mother is both heartbroken and helpless, and later took other intervention methods, but the results were not ideal. Seeking help from multiple sources was fruitless. After listening to the introduction of acquaintances, I learned about Gomega. As the friend's child had significantly improved, Ethan's mother did not hesitate and immediately decided to use Gomega's plan for Ethan's intellectual management.

After intervention

After two months of management, Ethan's mother and mentor gave feedback that Ethan had made significant progress. He used to teach but didn't learn, and his basic cognition couldn't be achieved. Recently, his speaking frequency has increased, and some of the animals taught by his mother can also be recognized and identified. He can also proactively speak up and ask him what he is, and can answer correctly. Previously, he used to call his parents unconsciously, but now he can consciously and proactively call them. When he has a need, he will call his parents or other family members to seek help. Seeing her child's significant progress, Ethan's mother recognized Gomega more and introduced her to mothers with similar needs around her.


At the beginning of contact, Ethan's mother stated that he had tried various methods before and suffered a lot, but the results were not ideal. Through the customized Gomega program, the nutrition needed for brain development is supplemented internally, and customized training courses are coordinated externally. These are all implemented in a family environment, as the family is the most familiar and easily accepted place for children. Training in the family environment can greatly reduce children's resistance, alleviate their inner anxiety and other emotions, and increase their acceptance, So the effect of training will also be more obvious, which is also one of the reasons why Gomega's customized management solution is highly praised by users. As a well-known children's brainpower institution, we are willing to contribute our greatest efforts to help every child and family in need, together with parents, witness the comprehensive growth of our children.

——————International Certified Assessment of Child Brain Development Maylene

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