Gomega - American Children's Brain Institute

Designed a comprehensive, scientific and effective product solution for children with brain dysplasia, known as Brain Booster.

It consists of four modules: Assess, Guide, Intervention,and Track. The Brain Booster program uses the latest brain science technology,in conjunction with professional assessors and medical teams, to conduct comprehensive assessments to more accurately understand children's brain development levels and mental development patterns. In order to provide customized guidance plans and intervention strategies tailored to the different needs of children more accurately, and to track and adjust children for a long period of time, effectively promoting the establishment and growth of neural connections in the brain of infants and young children, and improving their intelligence, abilities, and social skills.

Our advantages

In summary, Brain Booster is a highly targeted and distinctive health service that helps infants and young children improve their intellectual and emotional abilities through the latest brain science technology, personalized interventions, professional team support, extensive data evidence, and safety reliability, becoming more socially and adaptable children