Gomega, from the United States, is a leading global institution for children's brainpower; In order to solve the brain development problem of children aged 0-13 years, based on the scientific research achievements of the Child Development Brain Institute (CDBI), the AGIT child development&intervention management module (Assess, Guide, Intervention, Track) has customized a comprehensive, scientific and effective solution for children with global brain dysplasia, and proposed a Brain Booster program.

As of 2023

460000 +children in China have provided services

Among them, more than 30000 customers are still in the service cycle

Users exceeding 120000

new users added per month+

With our efforts, we believe that Gomega can provide the most effective Brain Booster for every child in need!


Brain Booster is a solution specially designed for children with brain dysplasia

The Brain Booster program focuses on the needs and developmental issues of users at different stages, and conducts evaluations and professional analysis guidance in accordance with scientific and rigorous international standards.

Customer Cases and Feedback

Through collecting customer feedback and satisfaction survey data for statistical analysis, we have obtained the following data

We will always pay attention to user feedback and satisfaction survey results, continuously improve and optimize the quality of Brain Booster products and services

Cooperative Institutions

Child Developing Brain Institute,CDBI

CDBI is one of the few globally renowned research institutions in the field of brain research in the United States and even globally, focusing on the development of children's brains.

Gomega has successfully obtained the opportunity to collaborate with the Children's Brain Development Institute (CDBI) in the United States due to its advantages in effectiveness, reputation, international standards, and research innovation. This collaboration with CDBI will enable Gomega to engage in in-depth communication with industry-leading experts, scientists, and researchers, leveraging their rich knowledge and experience to provide sufficient support for product development and services.

Gomega provides users with more scientific and effective solutions. In order to contribute to the scientific research of children's brain development, Gomega has been actively engaged in cooperation with international scientific research institutions. In this cooperation, we will also cooperate with the American Institute of Children's Brain Development to effectively provide its research results to children with brain dysplasia needs, and better implement international advanced scientific research technology and service concepts.