Case feedback

Gomega not only improved the child's language ability, but also ‘cured’ my depression

Basic information

Name: Anne

Gender: Female

Age: 5 years old

Condition: Anne doesn't pay attention to what's happening around her and doesn't communicate. She has been intervening in the hospital, taking medication, and undergoing rehabilitation training before, but the results have not been satisfactory. Moreover, due to having children in different generations, her dietary structure and language environment are relatively single, which further exacerbates Anne's delay.

Before intervention

Anne is already 5 years old and has been underdeveloped for nearly 3 years. In daily life, one cannot communicate with others and turns a deaf ear to things around them. Even when adults call her, she doesn't respond and doesn't speak at all. Her social barrier is very serious because of her overall developmental delay. Her mother is almost depressed and can't sleep well every day. She has been receiving language intervention and conditioning in the hospital for more than six months, but it hasn't improved.

When Anne's mother first learned about the management plan, she was worried about its effectiveness and started trying to intervene with Anne with the idea of giving it a try.

After intervention

With the guidance of the guidance teacher and the persistence of her family, Anne's understanding and cognition have made great progress, especially with the rapid progress of language, from only imitating to becoming a small talker. Anne's mother is grateful that she did not give up, and the correct choice has brought hope to Anne.

Now Anne can proactively greet and ask questions, and her parents will actively respond when talking to her. She is also willing to express her thoughts in daily life, such as being hungry or thirsty, wanting to play with blocks or puzzles.

Anne's progress exceeded her mother's estimate. While sending Anne's progress video, she also thanked the teacher for her professional guidance. Mother said, 'Because Anne has made progress, her depression has improved a lot.


When Anne's mother came for consultation, we first conducted a professional developmental assessment for her. The results showed that Anne was lagging behind in many aspects, with the most severe being nearly 3 years behind her peers. Based on Anne's specific situation, we have developed a customized management plan that supplements brain nutrition internally and cooperates with targeted training courses externally. Anne's mother also cooperates very carefully and insists on accompanying her to intervene in training. Therefore, Anne's changes are also very fast and obvious. The speed and degree of progress vary for each child, but as long as there is progress, it is a good start. The next thing to do is to persevere, I believe we will soon see Anne's greater progress, and we will witness it together.

——————International Certified Assessment of Child Brain Development Seren

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