Case feedback

Previously, intervention and conditioning were ineffective, but ultimately Gomega helped the child catch up with their peers!

Basic information

Name: Eric

Gender: Male

Age: 4years and 2 months

Condition: Eric is a child with delayed language development, which leads to overall developmental delay. He has a significant lag in adaptability, motor function, fine motor function, language, and social behavior, and belongs to a moderate developmental disorder. His overall ability is only equivalent to that of a 2-year-old child, with a total developmental quotient of only 48. He has been receiving interventions in hospitals but the results have not been satisfactory.

Before intervention

The parents believed in the wrong idea that 'boys develop late', so Eric couldn't express himself actively, had poor logical and cognitive abilities, had chaotic thinking, and often fell when walking. His parents didn't take it seriously, and they thought it might be due to Eric's weak physique, which will definitely improve with age. When Eric grew older, his parents realized that he couldn't learn, recognize, or even communicate effectively. They became anxious, but Eric still taught without learning, was hyperactive, had poor attention, often distracted, and couldn't control his temper well. At a desperate moment, parents turned to Gomega in the hope of improving Eric's developmental problems through customized management plans.

After intervention

After intervening for a period of time, the school teacher communicated with Eric's mother and praised him for his great progress. Although Eric's language ability did not catch up with his peers, he made great progress in understanding, no longer as dull and emotionally rich as before. He can sit down quietly at home and speak more frequently. He also responds when others talk to his child, and actively expresses his needs to the teacher when he wants to eat or go to the restroom at school. He also starts making friends.

Eric's mother picked up the child and saw him playing happily with other children. She quickly shared this good news with the guidance teacher, which indicates that Eric's social skills have been improved to a certain extent, and the teacher's professionalism has also been recognized by his mother.

Later on, Eric's mother often contacted the guidance teacher to provide feedback on his progress, which also proved that his mother's choice was correct.

Eric's mother said that he is making progress every day and can interact and communicate with parents. His language is becoming increasingly rich, and he can express the same needs in multiple forms. It seems that his mind has opened up. In the past, even if it was a specialized training, he still kept standing still, leaving his mother without the motivation to continue. Now, Eric's mother says she will continue to persist and become better with her children.


Eric's mother once asked, 'Why is hospital intervention ineffective and Gomega's management plan causing such a significant change?'? Actually, this question is not difficult to answer. The advantage of our plan is that it first evaluates the child's development and develops corresponding solutions for Eric's current development problems, which is equivalent to finding the most appropriate solution for specific problems. Naturally, it is the most suitable for the fruit, so it can truly help Eric improve his abilities in all aspects. Professional institutions often divide different types of intervention measures, making it difficult to develop one-on-one intervention plans, Moreover, children may experience tension, anxiety, and even fear in unfamiliar environments, which naturally affects the effectiveness of intervention. So, the most suitable intervention method for children is the most correct choice, and parents must pay attention.

——————International Certified Assessment of Child Brain Development Cyril

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